Can I change my self

It’s not a easy thing to say that you can change yourself or not.

In fact it’s the most hard thing you can do is change yourself. you have to require a lot of quality to be able to do change your self or your life.

For me yes I can change my self .In fact I need a lot of hard work to be able of changing something in me.

I ’ill give a example about me. we have diabetes in our father family. I love everything made with sugar but when I was 22 I decided to stop eating so much sugar to protect my self from this disease and started step by step. the first step that I stop eat anything unnecessary food contains sugar. The second I start drink my coffee with one piece of sugar and now I drink my coffee without any sugar .

Other example when I hade to lose weight because it’s problem for me I was more hundred kilogram and was a big problem for me that’s why start a self diet consist that I don’t eat dinner and I lost more than twenty five kilogram and the result make me so happy

In the end I just wanna say that yes I can change my self in small big choice or big desicion i trying to make me better version of my self.